CCW for Aerospace

Conditioned Cut Wire(CCW) Shot has high evaluation among aerospace industry.Toyo Seiko’s CCW conforms to specifications listed below.

Conforms to specifications below

  • +SAE AMS 2431
  • +SAE J441
  • +D50TF11(GEAE)
  • +PMC (P&W)

Merit of using CCW in aerospace industry

  • Performing a uniformed process by less intensity change.
  • Performing a reliable operation with its uniformed size.
  • Consumption of pickling liquid can be reduced to 1/2 compared with Cast Shot.
  • Reducing considerable amount of industrial waste from its long life.
  • Total cost of CCW is less compared with Cast Shot since CCW has longer life.

Approved by

  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer
  • GEAE
  • Pratt&Whitney